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Welcome aboard! Being a coach in CASL (Capital Area Soccer League) comes with a few responsibilities. They are as follows:

Risk Management Card

First, you need to obtain your risk management card. This is you’re your criminal background check. You will need to get an account set up with MSYSA. If you have coached with CASL in the past, you will already have an account. If not, CASL will need to set up an account for you. Steve Torok, our new CASL Representative, will need to make that request with CASL. Then they will send you your username and password. They should send you the link also, but if not, the link to obtain your risk management card is below. Once you obtain it, a copy needs to be sent to CASL.

Team Registration

Once your team is set up in the system (CASLs 3rd party league management program) , you will need to log into the system and set up an account. Every team official will need to do this. When you set up your account, you will NOT get instant access. Your request for your account will need to be approved by our CASL Representative. Once approved, you will get access to your team. At that point, you will need to enter your team into the system. This will require patience and we recommend having a BSC rep/coach assist you the first time through. This will need to be done by a certain date for each season or you will be charged a $25 late registration fee per player. ( Check with your local CASL Rep to know the deadlines for data entry.)

Access to can be obtained through the CASL website, http:// You just need to click on the registration link.


Every player will need a picture to be able to be prove they are them on game days. You will need to obtain a head and shoulder shot of each player and coach. You will need to upload the photo to the blend your game website as you're filling in your roster.

Blocking Out Dates

If you have dates you want to block out from being scheduled, you will want to do that as soon as possible after team formation.  This can be done in the Blend Your Game website under Manage Roster.

Game Day Check In and Game Report

A team official will need to check the team in at each game. This is done at the website.   The coach will have to log into his/her account and select the actual game for the day and that take you to the check in page.  The refs will want the coach to call the players name and the child will step forward and say their uniform #.

Technically, the score at the end of the game is supposed to be entered into the system with the referee. Most referees do not stick around to do so. The winning team has the responsibility of entering the game report into the system.

Coaches Meeting

A team official needs to attend the coaches meeting. The Spring 2019 meeting will be held at:

                                                               Michigan High School Athletic Association
                                                                             1661 Ramblewood
                                                                          East Lansing, MI 48823 
                                                                               March 13th 2019
                                                                    U9-U11 coaches meet at 6:00pm 
                                                                  U12-U13 coaches meet at 7:00 pm
                                                                      U15 coaches on up is at 8:00 pm.


The main thing that happens here is schedule changes. Though you may not have any changes, the teams we are playing may need to change the game times and dates. Because of this you MUST have someone there that can make game change decisions.

Home Field Schedule Changes

We will have three teams playing on the U9/10 field and High School Field and we will have three teams playing on the U11/12 field. So, if you are changing home games, you need to make sure the field is open. We will have someone there with a field schedule and updating it as we make changes. Be sure to check with the field coordinator, Steve Torok, before finalizing a change on a home field (517-648-3717). page2image1739104 page2image1747616 page2image1739552

Registration Fee and Paperwork Requirements

Also, at the coaches meeting, CASL will want the registration fee and all of the player forms. CASL requires copies of the birth certificate and concussion waiver form for each player. Once on file, these items do not need to be resubmitted. So, returning players should not have to submit any paper work to CASL. With that said, as the coach, you are required to have with you at all times the proof of age, concussion waiver form, and the medical release form. Be sure you have copies of each. If you are taking over a team from a different coach, you will need to get the paperwork from that coach or get new copies from the parents. Through the registration process, the club has copies of most of these forms and will forward them to you, but there are a few players that did not come to the assessment and you will need to collect the forms from those players.

Since the club has collected the registration fees this year, we will pay the registration fee, but one of the team officials has to take on the responsibility of the paperwork. You truly have until the first game for the paperwork, but CASL would really like to have it before the coaches meeting.

Referee Fees

Through registration, we have collected the referee fees also. So, the soccer club will cut a check to one of the team officials for the referees. You will need to pay them with cash on the field. Referees get paid on the field. For U9/10 ref it is $13 a game for the single ref. For U11/12 there are 3 refs. So, the cost is $41 for each team.

Note : These are typically young adults and first time refs. When the bad calls come, or the no calls, remember it’s a great opportunity to set the tone for the team as they will anticipate seeing your frustration.  Let's represent well.


Each head coach is required to take the coaches training. It's all online and while it does take some time, it is very insightful and practical. Currently CASL requires the Introduction to Grass Roots Training and at least 1 module after that. Whether it’s the 4 v 4 module or the 11v 11 module is up to you, we recommend the training that most closely fits the profile of your team.

BSC is here to help. We are dedicated to helping you succeed as a coach and will use every resource at our disposal to help accomplish this goal. Thank you for stepping in to coach!
 - Bath Soccer Club

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Please feel free to contact our local CASL Rep!

Steve P. Torok
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